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Best Fishes…

Best Fishes…

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The year was, 1978. I was in the third grade. Comedian, Steve Martin, was at the top of his game and I thought he was the king of the world.

I am from a small rural town and only visited the “big city” maybe once or twice a year, usually to visit my eye doctor. I was cursed with what is commonly known as a lazy eye. I hated those eye appointments with mad passion, but afterwards, mom and I would go shopping.

On one of those fateful shopping afternoons, we came across this golden beauty. (See above image) The graphic on the t-shirt was essentially an iron-on of a Steve Martin 8×10 glossy photo. In all of Martin’s absurdist glory, he had a fish sticking out of his suit jacket and signed the image “Best Fishes, Steve Martin.” I instantly fell in love and the shirt was mine.

How the shirt finally met its fate, I cannot recall, but I am sure it was a rag long before I quit wearing it. What I do remember is how that shirt made an exceptionally uncool kid feel, if only temporarily, pretty damn cool.

Puberty, heartbreak, and cynicism may have been right around the corner (and likely in that order) but the summer smelled of chlorine, grape bubble gum, and Elton John was on the AM radio. Innocence was not yet lost and life was good.

There have been dozens of t-shirts since then that I have really loved, some even more than this one, but this was the first. I still dig a great t-shirt as much as I did back then and it is one of the reasons I started TeeGravy.

Who knows, maybe in the future, some old bastard will be waxing poetic about an awesome TeeGravy shirt he bought when he was younger. A fella can dream can’t he?

Anyhoo, thanks so much for stopping by, checking out our shirts, and even reading this rambling mess.

Come back often and look around!

Until next time…

Best Fishes,

Mark Weber