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This weeks design was pitched to me by a friend. He thought a cool idea would be a twist on an “EVENT SECURITY” t-shirt. His idea was to change the word “SECURITY” to “INSECURITY”, use a bold black font & print it on a yellow shirt. “It would be a great shirt to wear to rock shows and whatnot.” I agreed.

However, if there is one thing I have learned from Google, almost any “brilliant” idea HAS BEEN DONE. There were already handfuls of that exact image out there, but alas, all was not lost.

As I stared at the word “INSECURITY” with its black font and yellow background the answer came to me… Charlie Brown (Who better to represent insecurity than the original blockhead, right?). I slapped Chuck’s signature “jagged line” at the bottom of the shirt and bam, this week’s TEEGRAVY design was born. I was totally stoked about this design but thought I’d put it to the test.

Every year a small group of college friends and I make a trek to Lollapalooza (the annual three day outdoor concert event in Chicago). I decided to print up a sample shirt of the “INSECURITY” design to wear at the festival. The reaction I got was straight-up awesome. There were so many compliments about the shirt that I knew it had to be one of the first TEEGRAVY designs.

So here it be, your ultimate rock show t-shirt. Now don’t be a blockhead, buy this sucker & thank me later.

Thanks much & maybe I’ll see ya at a show,