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Mr Klean Kwits

Mr Klean Kwits

When it comes to clean there is only one Mr. and shockingly, that Mr. just called it quits. After 60 odd years of keeping his “spotless” image, old chrome dome  has finally thrown in the towel.  When asked in an interview what had brought about this recent change, he proclaimed “You know what?  I just don’t give a shit anymore.  I mean really, what difference does it all make? Stains, grease, dirt and grime, I just couldn’t care less.”  When probed about  how families around the world would fight the challenges of everyday filth without him, he replied, ” It’s not  my problem.  I’m spending the remainder of my days on this big spinning cesspool, just as filthy as all hell.”And with that, he stood up, spat on the floor, took a long hard drag from his Marlboro Red and left the building.

Since we here at TeeGravy are all about new beginnings and whatnot, we honor this follicly-challenged legend with this week’s T.  So bravo to you good sir and long may you live in absolute squalor.

Less than fresh,