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2 OR 3 D

2 OR 3 D

Children of Earth:

We have heard your call for more Gravy and man are you  gonna get ya some!

Starting tonight, TeeGravy will change its schedule of a new shirt every two weeks to a  new one every week. (The shirts will still debut Sunday nights at 10 P.M. C.S.T.)

So tell your friends.  Have your friends tell their friends.  Have their friends contact neighbors.  Have the neighbors tweet about it. Have old roommates re tweet the tweets.

That should be good.
Oh, and sign up for our newsletter! (It’s at the bottom of the homepage).

We at TeeGravy would like to thank everyone for their support, purchases and overall good tidings by giving you 20% off this weeks design.

Just use the coupon code “thankyou” at checkout.

Also, we want to share our good fortune and support other artist, so if you know of anyone that has a creative idea for future TeeGravy designs please let us/them know.
And about this weeks design?

It’s ridiculous and we’re good with that.
See ya at the movies,
-Gravy Collective