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TeeGravy’s mission is to supply the world with what she so desperately needs…ridiculous t-shirts.

And we are proud to say, “Mission Accomplished.”

But you know what? We’re more than that.

A heck of a lot more.

We consider ourselves educators as well.

What we’ve done  is compiled the translation of this weeks t-shirt design into many different languages.

( I grabbed these off of the interweb so they gotta be gospel.)

Without further ado-doo, we give you this…

English: No Shit!

Chinese: 真的吗?!, 别开玩笑了!

Spanish: Que mierda me dices?!, no me digas!, serio?

Dutch: is het waar? wat je zegt!

Portugese: de verdade?! você tá brincando?! (de modo irônico)

Turkish: olamaz, gerçekten mi?!, ciddi misin?

Italian: davvero! veramente!
French: vraiment!, arrête tes conneries!
German: wirklich?! Was du nicht sagst!
Japanese: まじかよ, うそつけ
Swedish: verkligen, är det sant?!, det menar du inte!
You’re welcome, globe.
Until next week, stay classy.
Mark @ TeeGravy Central