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Moon Camping and the Sneaky Sasquatch

Moon Camping and the Sneaky Sasquatch

Although the first RV moon landing was considered a success it was by no means a flawless mission.

“So we set up camp, had the grill smokin’ & the coolers packed with tasty brews.” said chief astronaut  Sean “Puffy” Heffernan.

“I was grilling some brats & burgers while the rest of the crew were setting up the volleyball net.

I went around the RV to check on their progress and when I came back to the grill, all of the burgers were gone!

Every last one of ’em. Freaked me out so I did a quick search of the perimeter & found nothing.

It wasn’t until later that day when we checked the video footage ( we had cameras set up all over the damn place) did we discover

the big hairy truth. I’ll be damned if the thief was none other than Sasquatch. That sneaky son of a bitch made off with all of the beef patties. (I found it interesting that

he didn’t touch the bratwurst).  “Anyhoo, at least the mystery was solved & we now know Sasquatch is not a fan of pork.”

Mission Accomplished,

Mark @ TeeGravy

Have a great week folks.