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Help, FAQs & Support

Here at TeeGravy, customer service is as it should be… second to none. Below is a list of frequently asked questions.

If the answer you’re looking for is not there, just contact us and send us your questions/concerns. Our customer service team will have the answers you need, lickity split…. and we’re pretty sure that’s a good thing.

How long is each T-shirt available for purchase?

Each T-shirt design rides the gravy train for 1 week. The countdown clock on our site displays the time left to purchase the featured design. When the clock runs out, the design is made unavailable to the general public. This allows us to feature fresh designs while adding a sense of urgency.


What kind of T-shirt is the design printed on?

At TeeGravy we print on  unisex T-shirts. They are a 50/50, poly/cotton blend or 100% cotton, depending on shirt color.

How are the shirts printed?

Each shirt is  printed by a real live human!  Made in the USA and crafted in our tiny sweatshop here in the Midwest. We not only love creating cool designs, we love the artistry of printing the shirts too.

Do your shirts shrink?

There should be little shrinkage. To be on the safe side, we suggest that you wash all TeeGravy tees in cold water and hang them out to dry, but a normal routine of wash cold, tumble dry low should be just fine as well.

When will I receive my TeeGravy shirt?

Most orders arrive within 2 weeks of the initial order. Keep in mind, we don’t keep inventory on each design. We print shirts to order.

How much is shipping?

It’s free in the lower 48 United States. Sorry Alaska and Hawaii, you can get your gravy for a small shipping fee. Currently, we will ship overseas with prior approval of shipping. Shipping questions? Just email us and we’ll let you know.

How do I know if you ship to my country?

We can ship world wide. Just tell us where.

What is your Return Policy?

Don’t like your gravy? Ship it back and drop us an email and let us know the problem. We’ll take care of you with a refund or replacement, depending on the problem. All return issues are handled individually and are subject to approval. Customers are responsible for return shipping costs. Don’t worry, be happy.

How do I know what size to order?

Check out this handy size chart to ensure you order the right shirt for you.

What is your Privacy Policy?

At TeeGravy your personal information will never be rented, sold, or otherwise shared with any third party. Of course, this excludes the sharing of your shipping information with our shipping provider(s) in order to ship you your shirt. This also excludes the transmitting of your payment information (fully encrypted) to our order processor, FoxyCart, in order to process your payment.

These two exceptions are completely normal and necessary for any transaction to take place on any website where a physical product is being sold. In addition, we will never include you on any email newsletter unless you have elected to receive it. Your information is safe with us.

Is my credit card transaction secure?

Yes! We use industry-standard SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption for all credit card information via our order processing partner, FoxyCart. Feel free to click on the security icons during the checkout process to verify your information is safe.

I still have questions, how do I contact you guys?

If you still have unanswered questions, just visit our Contact Page and drop us a note.  We’re pretty good about answering emails quickly.