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In 1969 three American astronauts, Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins, became the first humans to land on the moon’s surface…but they were not alone. Recently uncovered files, both audio & visual, prove two things.

  1. Bigfoot is real.
  2. He was spotted on the moon some 45 years ago.

Here is part of the unearthed, unedited transcript from the original lunar landing of 1969.

Neil Armstrong:  “The surface is fine and powdery. I can kick it up loosely with my toe and, and holy shit Buzz, Is that Sasquatch?!

Buzz Aldrin:  “Dude!  It is. I see him!  Look at the size of those feet.”

Neil Armstrong:  “Yeah, must be like a size 16.”

Buzz Aldrin: “16 at least. Hey Collin’s, you seeing this?”

Michael Collins: “Yeah, that hairy son of a bitch can move!

Buzz Aldrin: “No shit. AND it’s zero gravity!”

Neil Armstrong:  “Fellas, you smellin’ what I’m smellin’?

Michael Collins: “Oh hell yes. Even through all of this apparatus, that fury bastard STINKS.”

Buzz Aldrin: “Stink-Stank-Stunk.”

Neil Armstrong & Michael Collins: “WORD.”

Neil Armstrong: “I just did NOT see this coming, Houston ain’t gonna believe this shit-no way, no how.

Buzz Aldrin: “Hey guys, I realize this is off the subject, but did y’all think the Tang tasted a bit funky?”

Neil Armstrong & Michael Collins: “Yep.”

Buzz Aldrin:  “So Armstrong, what ARE we gonna tell Houston?

Neil Armstrong: “The truth, Aldrin, the truth. And it goes something like this…

“That’s one small step for man, it’s an even smaller step for Sasquatch.”

End Scene


The Truth IS out there…or IS it?

Until next thyme,