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Cause nothing says Irish like an Opossum!


Mark @ TG


Jamaica Defined

Jamaica Defined


Because nothin’ says Jamaica like a moose.


And to whom it may concern:

The “far left” antler in the design is actually a banana.

The more you know,

Mark @ TeeGravy


The Return of Eddies

The Return of Eddies

Eddie’s back!!!

It’s TeeGravy’s 2nd anniversary.

To celebrate, we are bringing back one of our very first (and favorite) designs (this time on a different shirt color).

We want to give you a present, so, yeah, shirts this week are only 10 bucks!

It’s been a blast, we love what we do & our customers are amazing.

Thanks for being awesome always.

Until next thyme,

Mark @ TeeGravy South





Greenbow CC

Greenbow CC

“Life is like a box of chocolates.

It tastes great  but could potentially kill your dog.”


Just keep running,

mark @ teegravy west