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I once knew this dude.

I’d suppose he was in his mid to late 20’s.

He’d spend his lunch hours at a near-by bowling alley smoking cheap cigarettes.

Smoking cheap cigarettes & playing Mortal Kombat II.

Sub-Zero was his character of choice.

After hundreds  of quarters in, he became pretty deadly.

Froze the shit out of a lot of competitors.

One afternoon he was in mid-game and a young punk kid, maybe 12 years of age, dropped a quarter into the player 2 slot and challenged him.

The nerve of that punk-ass kid.

The dude pulled a final drag off his smoke, snubbed it out , and  the war was on.

The battle was epic & the competition fierce but in the end Sub-Zero (and the dude) were victorious.

He totally schooled that  disrespectful  pre-teen rat.

As the kid walked away I heard the dude mumble  “What a loser” as he stared into the reflective darkness of the video screen.


That bowling alley is long gone & the dude quit smoking years ago I’ve been told.

I haven’t seen him in years but I’ve heard he designs t-shirts(or some shit like that) for a living.

Poor bastard.

If you see him say hello.


Til next week.


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