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Bigfoot and the Dopest Jams

Bigfoot and the Dopest Jams


We’ve had some requests to bring this one back.

Who are we to deny the people?

This time around we offer it on a  heather lake-blue 50/50 shirt from American Apparel.

We also played with the imprint colors to fit this particular shirt and I think

it’s a pretty tasty combo.


So here’s the story of this weeks shirt…


I’d like to think Bigfoot is on his way home

from an impromptu basketball game

where he just destroyed the opposing team.

I’m talking


He’s likely listening to

the Beastie Boys

Check Your Head record

by the light of an August moon.

Maybe September.

He’ll get home,

microwave a frozen burrito,

channel surf for a bit and

probably crash on the couch.

That’s just my guess.


Enjoy yourselves,
Mark @ TeeGravy


Jamaica Defined

Jamaica Defined


Because nothin’ says Jamaica like moose.



To whom it may concern:

The “far left” antler in the design is actually a banana.

That’s all I got.

Love you cats,






The Return of Easy Tiger

The Return of Easy Tiger


We’ve been doing this TeeGravy thing for 3.5 years now, and this one may be my favorite.

I dig everything about it and quite honestly needed an excuse to print it so I could have a new shirt.

So get ya some Easy Tiger.  It’ll make you feel all good inside. Trust me.


Be Good,


Mark @ TeeGravy