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Ken The Bachelor

Ken The Bachelor

Ken: “Baby,  I just don’t think  it’s a good idea to go swimming out there.  There’s been talk of shark sightings in that area as of late.”

Barbie: “Talk is cheap.”

Ken: “What does that even mean?”

Barbie: “It means why don’t you GROW A PAIR  and come swimming with me. It will be fun.”

Ken: “Well that was hurtful.”

Barbie: “I  sooooo rest my case.”

Ken: “I can’t swim, sharks terrify me and salt water makes me itch like a mo-fo. You KNOW this!  WTF Barbie?”

Barbie (sighs & shakes her head): ” I’m going to the beach and I’m taking the Corvette.  Don’t wait up. Oh, and when I said grow a pair, I was being literal.”

Ken: ” Yeah, I caught that.”


End scene


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