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Jurassic Pork

Jurassic Pork


Brontosaurus (bron-tə-SAWR-əs), meaning “thunder lizard” , is a genus of gigantic dinosaurs.

Brontosaurus was crazy-large and existed in the Late Jurassic period in North America.

It possessed a funky-long neck & and an equally funky-long tail.

But let it be said that it was also tasty- as-hell.

Easily one of the most delicious critters to ever roam the Earth.

This weeks Teegravy is dedicated to you Brontosaurus, one mighty and delicious beast.



Mark @ TeeGravy


Santa Returns

Santa Returns


This week we bring sexy back. (By sexy, we mean Santa.)

We received scads of requests to reprint this design

so by the very  powers of Greyskull, that’s just what we’ve done.

For our motto has long been…

“Let them have Santa, & wear him too.”

PS  & FYI… This is the first time I’ve ever typed the word “scads”.