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Ten Buck Shady

Ten Buck Shady

To help celebrate 4th of July week, we are offering Shady at a sweet discount! What are you waiting for!

Bark at the moon,

Mark @ TeeGravy




Shady Returns

Shady Returns

Know what?

TeeGravy turns 1 year old this week. (Holy Toledo)

In order to celebrate, we brought back our very first design.

We call it MoonShadow.

It stars the one and only Shady.

Shady’s our “mascot”.

He’s the shit.

You’ll like him.

You’ll like the shirt.

Your friends will too.

Trust us.


Thanks so much for checking us out over the past year.

It’s been awesome; you’ve been awesome.

We hope to celebrate many more years with you all.

So until next week,

keep your feet on the stars and reach for the ground?


Mark @ TeeGravyCentral

P.S.S.  Because we love you, enter the coupon code “birthday” when checking out to receive 20% off your gravy purchase.