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The Fifth Beatle

The Fifth Beatle

It’s time to set the record straight.

For years many have blamed Yoko Ono  for breaking up THE super group, but after speaking with insiders and people close to the band, the truth has emerged.

One source confirmed this…

” It was the lion.  He sucked. He couldn’t play an instrument, showed up to recording sessions totally wasted & was constantly hitting on the other band members’ wives.”


Another source recalled one particularly disastrous recording session.

“…and before we had the basic drum tracks laid down the furry bastard had LITERALLY eaten 2 engineers & disemboweled a 3rd, for Christ sake.”


Says producer George Martin:

“I tried telling the boys that having a lion in the band was probably not a great idea but what do ya do? They were on a shit- ton of drugs at the time. I mean a  SHIT-TON of drugs.”


I often find myself wondering what could’ve been if those boys from Liverpool had never met that damn  lion. But as a wise man once said,


“Dude, let it be.”


At least I think that’s what he said.